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Happy birthday Annie

What a day! Absolutely fantastic!! I’m a little bit tipsy and had the best day out in ages. Annie (birthday girl), my Mum and Myself got the train from Denby Dale to Manchester for £10 each = bargain!

The Mother & Daughter in law :-)We started off in Cafe Nero. You know, a bit of caffeine to get you in the mood. We needed it because we knew the Guinness was on its way being Paddys day and all that. Annie wanted to get her birthday money spent before it went on bills and the shopping so she got some new Converse trainers. The staff in the store were shite but we’d already been in Next and the clothes still didn’t fit after losing 2 stone so we quickly forgave the staff in the trainer store ;-). We thought it was about time we had a pint of Guinness and found Waxys Irish bar in The Printworks. Cheers! :)We had some proper good old fashioned family chat like Irish families should on days like this, I’m 1/8 Irish you know (any excuse :)). We ventured on after a pint, I find Guinness a bit filling like food. We found Boots and Annie got some lovely smelling perfume. The Guinness had really got us in the mood so we thought spending the rest of the day in a bar was the best plan so off to Canal Street we went.
We've had the best day! :-))) on our way home now.
Fantastic night with fantastic company, we had a brilliant day, the walk home from the station was a bit of a drag after a few pints though 😉

Oh yeah, and my Mum thought we were still on early dark nights till we told her she was going through a tunnel!! LOL Xx

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