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All that money and effort came to nothing!

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Beckham’s speech yesterday was absolutely fantastic and so emotional. We sat all excited waiting for the announcement and feeling so positive England would be hosting the World Cup 2018. The whole England bid was just brilliant! When the envelope was opened and the name ‘Russia’ popped up, well, I was gutted. Like Rio Ferdinand said on his Twitter page “Prince william,prime minister,boris,becks all that effort + we still get overlooked….yet russian president and main man too busy 2 attend.”.

I’d like to go and see the World Cup in Qatar, but don’t fancy the 190 lashes and imprisonment that ‘my sort’ would be liable for. That decision absolutely disgusts me, it’s got corruption written all over it.

Great post here talking about the great Beckham! His speech made me cry, what a lovely bloke!